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Some Questions ...

Do you want ... to study something that connects computer science with information technology?
Are you interested in ...
a program that combines theory, practice and applications?
Are you looking for ...
a university, where you can have close contacts to professors, who offer excellent support?
Do you know ...
that in engineering solid English knowledge is absolutely necessary?
Are you interested ...
in meeting and studying with people from all over the world?
Are you striving for ...
a degree that because of its international orientation offers a wide variety of career opportunities?
If you have said yes to the above questions, you should study "Information Engineering" at our university. The complete program is in english.

Studierende arbeiten am PC


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Challenge of Modern Information Engineering

The language of the study program Information Engineering is english. In the beginning you gain basic knowledge in mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, non technical subjects, digital systems and processor systems. In semester five you complete an internship. You complete your study program after seven semesters by handing in your bachelor thesis.

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Some more questions ...

… respond to a majority of the following questions with "yes"
1. Do I have strong interest in technology and technical systems?
2. Am I interested in understanding how technical systems work?
3. Am I able to develop enough persistence to reach the solution of a problem?
4. Do I enjoy mathematics?
5. Do I like to think in abstract terms?
6. Am I able to associate familar objects with unfamiliar objects?

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Influence the future

Electronic communications have influenced every day life enormously during the last 150 years. This is obvious both for the established and the emerging economies, whenever we use a telephone or watch television. But it is also true for seemingly remote areas, for even there weather data is collected and volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms or other natural phenomena are monitored by satellite. The rapid development of computers has added previously unimaginable power to all types of data handling. Consequently we are now witnessing the emergence of technical systems in which information is collected, stored, retrieved and offered for use on a large scale, thus inspiring the concept of the "global village". In view of this we understand information engineering in a broad sense covering everything from electrical engineering and computer science to the development and managing of information systems.